Prague & Berlin


It’s been way too long since my last post and way too many pictures I need to share! I have to admit, Prague really is as beautiful as people say it is. While I did lug around my dad’s extremely fancy, extremely expensive and extremely heavy cannon for the majority of the trip, many of these pics were actually just taken with my iPhone, which tells you how gorgeous this place really is. #nofilter really. I spent my first day in Prague taking in the sights of the Charles Bridge, the astronomical clock and old town square, trying some local Czech beer, trdlnik (which basically tastes like slightly undercooked sugary dough), and tasting the infamous Goulash (goo-lash), concluding that pretty much everything “local” is made of ‘”beef/pork/sausage.” The weather and sunset were absolutely perfect and made me forget that I had only been away from the craziness of New York for less than 24 hours. Just what I needed.

My next stop was Berlin, a truly interesting experience. I’ve never been to a city that felt more dichotomous with it’s modern buildings next to the Reichstag, Starbuck’s by the holocaust memorial and hotels by the Berlin Wall. But the two were equally stunning and hopefully I was able to capture just a glimpse of the beauty here. P.S. I’ve never seen so many forms of sausage.

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