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Whenever I am about to head home for vacation, I start to fantasize of the endless things I’ll do, places I’ll visit, people I’ll see now that I’ll have ALL the time in the world when I’m not at work. Generally speaking though, I only actually end up doing one thing (eat), visiting a few places (restaurants) and seeing my family (and menus). Having been abroad for the last 6-7 years, this merry go round of events takes place at least once a year. This time though, I think I’m going to try for a few ‘extracurriculars.’

IMG_4671 IMG_4670

Weather in Beijing is pretty much the same as New York (Cold AF) and a tad more polluted. But that didn’t stop me from taking a quick tour of some renovated (into old-school traditional style) streets in the city. I did name my blog stylechine after all – so a few classic touristy Asian backdrops is acceptable (right?).



For this lovely negative -6 degree Celcius day-after-Christmas-day, I decided to wear my festive Xmas sweater with an all black-everything outfit, raybans (as always) and my new stunning Chanel jumbo in Navy. And yes, I think Navy & Black go perfectly together, especially when it’s Chanel.

IMG_4669 IMG_4663 IMG_4662

In case you were interested, this is the back of the Forbidden City and the lake is completely frozen in ice. There’s also a sign posted in Chinese that literally says “Beijing people fish” and I am NOT translating it incorrectly. Bizarre.

Hopefully I’ll keep up this tour of the city over the next few days. Happy Holidays everyone and don’t forget to check out my IG @stylechine!


Wearing: Zara Sweater (old, similar jacket here) & Scarf | Sandro skirt | Dolce Vita knee high boots | Chanel Jumbo in Navy | Classic Raybans | Bite Lipstain in Spice

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