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In an effort to fully embrace who I am (a compulsive-food-picture-taking Asian), I’ve decided to launch a restaurant review section on my blog! I am, by no means, a food connoisseur or even a very good cook, but have tried my fair share of restaurants. I have always struggled to find new recommendations through any reliable source besides friends so hopefully you will treat this blog as just that – a real friend telling you her real opinions. Enjoy!



What better post to start with than my absolute favorite cuisine: SUSHI.

My obsession with sushi is for real. It runs so deep that when I’m travelling somewhere without access to fresh fish I’ll literally look at pictures of sushi on Instagram…don’t act like you don’t do it too! Naturally then, the first recommendation I asked for when moving to London was a sushi restaurant. Yashin was a name that came up a few times and last week I finally got around to trying it, so here goes my attempt to recap what we had (fyi a few glasses of wine may be distorting my memory just a tad).

Ambience: Located in the posh neighborhood of South Ken nestled between Hyde and Holland Park, the place is small, quaint and classy. I love small sushi joints a) because they remind me of traditional sushi bars in Japan aka more authentic feel (although this one is decorated almost like a diner) and b) you can see the chefs & more importantly, the fish. Make sure to ask for a seat at the bar so you can watch the chef create his masterpieceee! Perfect for date nights or when you parents are in town. Save the boozing GNO’s for Soho.

Food: Overall the fish was absolutely top tier in terms of sushi in London, but slightly less traditional than expected. We tried several carpaccio dishes that were heavy on sauces which I rarely find in sushi bars, but nonetheless delishh. I would recommend a larger omakase and skip the rolls.

IMG_2478 IMG_2477 Yellowtail with Orange Soy ||

IMG_2486 Tuna with Truffle Infused Ponzu Jelly || don’t let that dark colored jelly fool you, it was absolutely divine

IMG_2489 Chargrilled Chilean Seabass with Miso || this is a pretty standard dish at Japanese restaurants, and as usual, you can’t go wrong

IMG_2492 IMG_2495 Omakase Eight || served with a roll of the day (see below)

IMG_2499We then proceeded to try two more rolls at which point I completely forgot about taking pics…but I can tell you they weren’t particularly special so feel free to skip and move onto dessert! Or drinks @ the Connaught bar as we did 🙂

Hope this was helpful and as always, leave me any comments or questions, I’ll be sure to get back to you!



020 7938 1536
1A Argyll Road London W8 7DB

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    Thank you so much for your feature! We are so glad you enjoyed your meal, and we hope to welcome you again!


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      Hi Haleh,

      No problem – will be back soon!

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