3 days in Ibiza

IMG_0003 IMG_0110 IMG_0099 IMG_0001If you follow me on Instagram (@stylechine) or Snapchat (feliciaevlina), you’ll know I was in Ibiza this past weekend! Believe it or not, this was actually my first time visiting despite talking about it for yearsss. I had such an incredible time, but there were definitely some key lessons learned that I’ll be keeping in mind for round 2. Hopefully, these will be helpful to some of you as well!

Lesson #1: Theft is an issue here
Within 5 hours of being in Ibiza, I managed to have my iPhone stolen at Amnesia nightclub. Let me tell you, these guys are pros! It was a matter of minutes, if not seconds, from when I entered the club, walked to the bar and had my bag opened and contents emptied. Thankfully, all I had in there was the phone (cracked! hah, suckers) & some lipstick. As the trip went on, several staff warned us to keep an eye on our belongings if we went to the beach etc. So the overall gist is, be careful of your things, particularly at the beach or in a club – bring a bag with zips or a clutch you can hold on to (just don’t get too drunk and drop it haha).

Lesson #2: Day Clubs > Night Clubs
This is more of a personal choice I guess, but my general experience was that the day parties far exceeded the night in terms of vibe, crowd, and accessibility. With such amazing weather, who doesn’t want to enjoy drinks & music outside (plus, you can SWIM)! My favorites were Experimental & Blue Marlin for a lounge atmosphere, seafront view, and totally reasonably priced drinks. On the other hand, Amnesia & Pacha where we went at night reminded me a bit of Miami clubs…10 years ago. You were really packed in there like sardines and to be honest, I’m pretty sure these were huge fire hazards. Nevertheless, it may be something you want to try even if just for the DJs.

Lesson #3: Make reservations, everywhere
For everywhere we went with a group of 6 we reserved in advance to be safe and it proved to be the right move. Particularly for daybeds at Experimental beach (pictured here) it was necessary since the beds are very limited. For restaurants, keep in mind the party starts late here, so dinner reservations at 10pm or later are very reasonable.

Lesson #4: Get a working phone
Uber doesn’t work here. I know, what a struggle. Hailing a taxi is also not the easiest as they rarely stop on the street and are mostly occupied unless you’re staying very central. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to get a phone that works to call cab companies to order cars as needed. For those of you that use 3 network, it works in Ibiza!

Lesson #5: Formentera
Not everyone has heard of this “chilled out little sister” island, and honestly, before going I didn’t think too much of it either. Per suggestions from friends I figured I’d leave one day to stop by and visit (30 minutes away by ferry from Ibiza port), but wow was I wrong. Once I arrived I realized I wish I had planned an extra week just to spend here. If you have the time, I would recommend half your time in Ibiza and half your time here to really relax, enjoy pristine beaches and white sand among much fewer tourists. I didn’t manage to make it, but a few friends went to 10.7 for lunch and I’m told it was amazing!

All in all though, it was an amazing weekend. Stay tuned for more posts related to travel & how to pack light! (Something I used to struggle with a LOT)


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