My go-to trendy shoe brand





This week’s pick is the super trendy, super comfortable, super affordable Public Desire.

I have a huge problem when it comes to shoe shopping and while I am all for splurging once in a while, shoes are made to be worn, so no matter how expensive, they will eventually need to be replaced. As such, it becomes economically challenging to keep up with shoe trends if you limit yourself to exclusively buying designer.

Public desire is my favorite trendy affordable (these pink velvet ones were less than $50) shoe brand not only for its variety in styles but consistently comfortable fit. It’s so important to me that a shoe is comfortable enough to walk in for hours because there’s nothing that can kill your mood faster than painful feet. While I can’t vouch for the heels @ Public Desire, my personal experience with their boots so far has been excellent. I’ve linked below all my favorites for you to enjoy as well!

Which one’s your favorite?


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