Barcelona for the weekend

One of the main benefits (and reasons) I moved to London was for the amazing convenience of spending weekends around Europe for a low cost and high enjoyment factor. The first few times I see a city, like most, I like to drop by the main “to do” tourist attractions. But after that, I’m always searching for the more quaint, local recommendations. So if you’re heading to Barca again, or even for the first time, I wanted to spread the love and share a few tidbits from my latest trip.


To Eat.

Cosmo Cafe (Breakfast)

This adorable gallery turned cafe is absolutely perfect for a quick breakfast alone, laid back brunch to catch up with friends, or simply to sit and read or work. It actually reminds me a lot of Le Pain Quotidien where I sat and wrote all of my business school essays back in the day. The food is fresh and made of all simple, pure ingredients. My favorite: this little mini mix plate of toast, boiled egg, avo, smoked salmon, beetroot hummus and fresh fruit.

Chaitea Hausfood (Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch)

My girlfriends and I tend to try and ere on the healthy side in the morning when we start off our days and slowly ease back into our normal multi-bottle-prosecco lifestyle. We think it’s a nice balance…right? We stumbled upon this little organic-looking joint after being told the wait at Brunch & Cake was over 1.5 hours *face palm.* I think they’re actually known for their unique arepa’s here but I stuck to a more traditional scrambled egg plate. Nothing crazy, but I did really enjoy this pretty green smoothie. I have a weird thing for green drinks.

La Boqueria (Lunch)

Ok, I know this one’s touristy. But I can’t help but love it anyways. In general I’m a sucker for markets because they give you the option to eat as little or as much and as few or as many options as you like. Any place that offers me a cone of Manchego cheese to nibble on as I peruse is a clear #winner. If you stop by, make sure to try the pulpo with patatas at basically any of the seafood stands! YUM!

Patron (Dinner)

The decor at Patron is very classic – similar to NY steak houses and the live music is a perfect addition. Most importantly, the food is AMAZING and of course I downed my seafood paella before I could take a pic. Typical. If you need a nice restaurant for date night, dinner with fam, or a classy catch up with the gals, this one’s your go to.


To Drink.

W Barcelona (Day or Night)

There’s probably no other city in the world where the W is more well known than Barcelona. The view (pictured above) is unparalleled which makes it ideal for sunset drinks by the pool (in the summer) or at their rooftop club Eclipse (in the winter). Get there at 6pm when it opens to avoid lines if you’re not staying in the hotel.

El Paradiso (Speakeasy)

I’ve never met a speakeasy I didn’t like and this one was no different. Pastrami bar out front, Gatsby themed mood lit speakeasy in the back. If I were I guy I’d definitely bring all the ladies here! Favorite part: the little shape symbols next to each drink name is actually the shape of the glass they come in. I definitely thought that was BS until my friend ordered this bird drink. Mind blown.


To Do.

Palo Alto Market (All day)

My cultural adventures were limited this trip (to say the least haha). But I do have one fun tip for you if you have any plans to head over in the warm season. Palo Alto market aka hipster nation merged with New York’s Smorgasburg is an all day creative fair complete with food trucks, independent designers and live artists. Pick up a burger and spritz and sway to the beat! (Then another burger).

If you have any tips for my next trip there, I’d love to hear them!


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