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In my personal thesaurus, brunch is basically synonymous to happiness. By far my favorite weekend activity, each week I look forward to a lazy meal complete with rosé and people watching with my boyfriend, friends, or both. First, I should clarify that my brunches are much more like ‘linners’ – they take place between the hours of lunch and dinner rather than breakfast and lunch. Second, I must say the sheer abundance of brunch spots in New York is one of the few things I have truly missed since moving to London now two years ago.

When you Google ‘Best Brunch Spots in London’ (something I seem to do weekly…and then proceed to forget weekly that I hate the list), you’re left with a strange list of bottomless prosecco spots from all corners of London that are often half empty with somewhat sub-par eggs benedicts. So, I’ve decided to create a personal favorites list for those of you either living or traveling to London looking to spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing besides eating, and drinking.

Chiltern Firehouse (Marylebone)

Both impressive indoor and out and complete with a fresh oyster shucking cart, the vibe and crowd here are perfect for a pro-longed meal over a bottle of wine no matter the weather. The food is consistently quality and I believe on a seasonal menu which is always a plus. Possibly the only downside is the staff. They will always tell you there are no seats available and that all the empty seats are reserved…if you can overlook them, it’ll be great.

Ivy Chelsea Garden (Chelsea)

The Ivy chains are all solid, but Chelsea is by far my favourite when the weather is cooperative. The perfectly instagrammable garden makes it ideal for a girls weekend get together. As with all Ivy’s, don’t expect anything gourmet on the food front, but the zucchini fritti and truffle arancini balls are A+.

Mediterraneo (Nottinghill)

If you follow me on Instastories you’ve seen my obsession over this joint. It’s nothing special aesthetically so perhaps not your best “see and be seen” spot, but the cacio pepe & vongole pasta are on point (I’ve double checked and confirmed with several Italians) and it is truly my idea of comfort. Oh, and the bread. If you’re on a low carb diet, the Tagliata with rosemary is almost just as good. The prices are also comfortable, at an affordable range well below the others on this list.

Aubaine Selfridges (Mayfair)

The hysteria walls & ceiling are a must see and perfect for those of you who may be from out of town and doing a little retail therapy in Selfridges anyways. Take a break for breakfast/lunch/brunch within the ease of the store (something I used to love doing at Fred’s @ Barneys). The food is surprisingly delicious, especially the lobster spaghetti and mille-feuille.

Hope this is helpful!

P.S. this look is my go-to brunch style by Loavies, there’s something casual chic about stripes 🙂


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