Life’s Little Luxuries

With LFW coming up, my Instagram feed is naturally flooding with brand names and I found myself thinking of my first-ever designer purchase. In fact, it’s very likely you and I shared the same initial luxe splurge: an item in beauty. In fact, this category of affordable luxury was designed to do just that: be affordable for all. While the gorgeous designer packaging can be enough for some, at the end of the day I think we all want to put our money where we find value. So here’s my little take on my first-ever luxury buy, and whether it’s worth it (at roughly £50).

As I’ve mentioned in the past, makeup isn’t exactly my forté, at least not yet. But being Asian, skincare is definitely something I’ve always cared about. So it’s probably no surprise I invested in Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Creme at a ripe young age of 14. Now more than a decade later, I’ve tried & tested my fair share of Chanel products (Gel Creme, Beauty Nutrition, UV Essential, Lait Douceur, Mousse Douceur, and many more) and have formed a pretty solid opinion.

So here’s my little advice to save you some time: the Creams are absolutely amazing. The smell & consistency are my favorite features, whether you need more coverage in the winter (Beauty Nutrition) or lighter in the summer (Gel Creme) the entire Hydra line is consistently lightweight while effective. My mom uses the Lift & Sublimage lines and I’ve tried for myself, they’re just as good though probably at the price premium, not totally necessary for my age. As for cleansers, I found that the Mousse line removes my waterproof liner & mascara completely while not at all irritating for my eyes, yet the Lait, Eau, and Gel lines are all totally ineffective. In fact, I find they just spread my makeup around and create a layer of excess on my skin that I then have to wash off with soap.

So there you have it. I’ve added links to the products I love below & I’d love to hear if you’ve a similar/different experience & what products you recommend!



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