If you were to buy one thing RN…

Probably the only downside to the many available e-commerce distractions these days (and I never thought I’d say this) is the extent of choice. Has anyone else opened the “Shop All” tab and found 98 pages to go? Like, who has that kind of time?!

I’m definitely not about to tell you all I’ve solved the problem, but if I were to advise a friend on buying one thing right now, it would have to be a checked blazer (fitted or oversized). This trend is my ultimate go-to for a sharp, put together look without straying too much into the office pant suit vibe. The one I’m wearing here is from Zara a few months ago and it’s 100% become a staple (not to mention great cost per wear stats). As per typical Zara style, this one is no longer available, but I’ve linked a ton of my favorites below for you to get shopping!


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