Holiday Gift Guide – PART ONE

I’ve always been one to procrastinate gift buying down to the last minute. I think it stems from my love of adrenaline and feeling the challenge. But for those of you more organized folk, I’ve been collecting my all-time favorite gift ideas for the past few months on a little note pad in my iPhone just so I could share with you all & hopefully make your holiday season stress free! I’ve also personally tested them all so you can be sure they’re my genuine picks! Scroll away & get shopping!

GIFTS FOR BFFS (often forgotten, I think it’s really important to remember your girls always got your back, so why not spoil them with a little something this holiday)

A&M jewelry

First up is my new obsession. If you missed it, check out my blog post on this ultimate new find. These pieces are super affordable and everything is made stackable, from ear cuffs to dainty rings, making it the perfect gift for your girls: customize your touch by choosing the mix or get them a personalized letter, horoscope or zodiac piece. There’s no way you could go wrong. I got you guys a discount code too just in case so use STYLECHINE20 for 20% off!

Louboutin velvet matte lipsticks

I’ve been absolutely head over heels for this product ever since I tried it a few months back. The packaging is beyond beautiful, literally a shiny gold ornament and the texture is perfection. I’m talking, likely the best lipstick I’ve tried all year. No creasing, cracking, drying, smudging. The price point, though ($90), is kind of ridiculous, which is what actually makes it ideal for a gift because seriously, who would pay this much regularly?!? My favorite shade is Zoulou (dark nude).

Fenty Beauty for makeup lovers

This one’s a no brainer for all your makeup loving friends as it’s literally all the rage. Rihanna’s new beauty line is buzzing left & right & all over social so you know it’s going to be hit. But in all seriousness, the products aren’t just a pure marketing scam, the blush & highlighter powders are gorgeous and the primer is super moisturizing.


GIFTS FOR YOURSELF (Another person you should never forget about, yourself! This holiday season, treat yourself too, you deserve it!)

Silk slips & PJ sets by Figleaves

Part of growing out of your early twenties is investing in some quality sleepwear. And I’m serious when I say it’s more for yourself than for anyone else (though obviously the latter doesn’t hurt either). This year, I’ve started investing in some really beautiful silk slips & sets that make me feel beautiful just looking at them. I honestly think it’s such an important thing to remember to take care of yourself & I mean, these things are just so pretty.

Skincare goodies

Speaking of taking care of yourself. Skincare is by far the most important beauty product to invest in. Man or woman, young or old, it’s definitely a necessity and not something to skimp on. It may not seem super important to all my young readers now, but you’ll be happy you made this choice 10, 20, 30 years from now. I think one of my regrets is probably not starting to care sooner. I was always out and about in the sun never thinking I needed sunblock bc I don’t burn but if you really think about it, these effects are SO much harder to reverse than prevent. My absolute favorites lately are the La Prairie Dry Oil & Erno Laszlo night cream. The oil is just enough to leave your skin feeling hydrated without literally looking shiny so it’s good for day & night while the cream has the most insane texture & consistency leaving a feeling of coverage but not an external layer of cream that just sits on your face.


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