Holiday Gift Guide – PART TWO

As promised, more gifts & right in time for a Cyber weekend shopping spree!

LUXE GIFTS (bc maybe someone wants to get you a little something special 😉 or vice versa)

Annoushka personalized necklace

A great part of living in London is the exposure I’ve gotten to some new, super talented, super inspiring designers. Annoushka Ducas is a British designer who’s pieces instantly caught my eye. Her taste is exactly my style: dainty with a little sparkle and the personalized chain letters collection is an absolute dream gift. Perfect especially for unique names, you can get anything personalized onto a necklace or bracelet in yellow gold, rose gold or silver. I’m also LUSTING hard over the stackable rings, but maybe next time 😉 *hint hint*

Manu Atelier bags

A few weeks back I had the chance to meet the duo Turkish sisters aka creative directors of this brand aka coolest girls on the block. I had already been obsessed with their minimalist boxy bags anyways, but after meeting them & hearing about how their father handcrafts the pieces individually, I’ve taken my obsession to the next level. I have the super cute micro pristine in red with gold chain and am now craving the mini fernweh in pavone (also known as the cutest suede backpack you’ve ever seen). At an average price point of $500-$600, these bags are designer quality at a bargain!



Sudio headphones

My bf struggles with the iphone earphones bc they absolutely won’t stay in his ear. Does anyone else have this problem? These sudio headphones have been amazing for him. They tuck away in the middle section of your ear rather than over the top (my explanation is lacking but if you want to see, I’ll send you a pic, just DM me on IG or send me an email) so they stay perfectly! I believe the term the brand uses is “wing tips.”  Bonus points, the Tre style I got him is sweat-proof and cordless making them ideal for the gym! He’s told me so many times how amazing these are and at an average $100 price point, they’re the perfect gift!

Away luggage

Possibly the coolest luggage ever, the two founders of this company used to work at Warby Parker and essentially created the Warby Parker of suitcases. I feel like that’s actually the best explanation I could give. Luggage is practical but also a luxury that people don’t tend to invest in themselves. At the same time, you secretly do want quality suitcases, right? At least I do. These are the perfect gift, whether you get one or a set, the price point ($200-$300pp) is totally reasonable when you compare to brands like Tumi & Rimowa. *Super fun fact: the carry-on’s have a USB outlet to charge your phone. Kind of EPIC.


This is one of those slightly complicated ones because sometimes you need to try shades on before buying. But if you know what your loved one likes/wants, it could be a super nice, super useful gift. Plus, I got you guys covered with 20% off at Sunglasses Shop using code STYLECHINE20.

Hope this was helpful & Happy Shopping!


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