2017 Beauty Finds

2017 was a great year for so many reasons: I graduated from my MBA program, moved in with my bf, started Italian courses, & took blogging full-time! But aside from these monumental changes, I also encountered a few life-changing beauty products that I can’t help but share!

Jo Malone London

Obviously I didn’t discover the entire brand in 2017 (I’ve actually been a huge fan for at least 5 years), but what I did discover are a few new AMAZING scents. Mainly, Blackberry & Bay for home candles and English Pea & Freesia for personal. The thing with Jo Malone is twofold: 1) the names can be misleading because if you read “English Pea” your immediate mind races to show you green mush on a plate….at least for me. So it’s super important to head on into the stores for some blind testers to find what really works for you and 2) most people don’t realize it but the best scents are actually concoctions made up of a few different scents together. So even if you have your go-to already, it’s worth going back and literally mixing it up!

Laura Mercier Velours Lovers Color: Temptation

Now, does anyone else feel me when I say it’s actually shockingly hard to find the perfect red lip? I must have at least 10 shades on my vanity RN. PLUS, smudging is a real issue when you’re just trying to have a drink/smooch your man! This Laura Mercier Temptation is unbelievable and in fact I gave it away as part of my XMAS giveaways for just that reason. It literally does NOT smudge one bit after a quick application and 10 seconds to dry, making it currently my go-to lipstick. Now, I just need a few more colors so I’m not wearing a full blown red during day meetings (or maybe I will…)

Julep Facial Milk

This is one of those Korean beauty secrets that you never knew you needed and now can’t live without. I should also warn that I’m a sucker for all things Asian because let’s face it, the best skincare is definitely in the East. This one’s a blend of 5 skin-boosting oils mixed into a lightweight moisturizer, gentle enough for all skin types. Currently, I’m also testing out their whipped matte lip mousses – will get back to you on what I think!

Illamasqua: Powder eye shadow in Hoard

So being Asian, eye shadow has never been a huge part of my make-up routine. I swear I don’t know what it is but shadow on us just looks a bit trashy. That is, until I discovered this super subtle, super pretty gold powder by the cult makeup brand, Illamasqua, literally used by makeup artists all over the world. I dust just a little in the corner of my eyes or on the top lid for a fairy look.

 L’Artisan Parfumeur | Un Air de Bretagne

With perfumes, I love to find unique bottles and scents that no one else has. It gives me a real joy when people say “you smell amazing, what’re you wearing” and I can introduce them to something completely new! I chose this bottle amongst a heavy list of options for the super unique smell that I would literally describe as a salty breeze. I know that may not sound incredibly appealing but I assure you, it’s perfection!

My Blend by Clarins

Lastly, I’m sure many of you will have heard of Clarins Group, but I’m guessing not so many know what My Blend is. Well let me tell you, this was a true experience. Developed by Dr. Oliver Courtin, the concept is built around 10 essential formulas for both day & night skin. The process involves an initial one-on-one meeting (in my case Skype at an airport lounge) with a skincare specialist (Thanks Laurence!) who will ask you a series of questions around your lifestyle, essentially helping to decide which particular boosters would best suit your particular needs. You are then shipped the base formula creams with your separate boosters which you can literally blend into your fresh empty jars to create a formula perfected for your own skin! Very DIY 🙂

I was a huge fan of the idea from the very beginning as I feel skincare is so distinct to each person, based on your natural genetics as well as the weather and air quality around where you live and of course your physical lifestyle whether it’s how much you gym, what you eat, or if you are a smoker.

I tested my personalized products for over a month now and can safely tell you they are AMAZING. To be fair, I haven’t been using them exclusively, so there could be some overlap with other products, but what I’ve felt on my skin so far is so good!

As always, beauty isn’t my area of expertise but I love to share my personal thoughts with you all and I plan to do much more of it in 2018! Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to read about or have reviewed and in the meantime, I’ve linked all the products I love below.