Closet Items You Need to Ditch

I know I’m usually talking about all the latest trends & products you need to buy. But this week, in the spirit of resolutions and a fresh start to the New Year, I wanted to share a few tips for cleansing! But of course, I’ll also put some options below to refresh that empty space 🙂 Just in case, you know.

Here are my tips for closet items you should ditch.

Things that actually don’t fit

Let’s be real, we all have those pair of skinny jeans that we fit in back in 1999 and think for some reason we’re going to again. If there’s anything more unrealistic, it’s getting back to your pre-teen sizes. My best piece of advice would be to find clothes that fit your body, not the other way around (like wedding dresses…so I hear). And honestly the better they fit, the better you feel. So bite the bullet and let them go.

Items that aren’t even yours

This one seems kind of obvious, but I think we all have those pieces that we borrowed at some point or was left with us and we said we would return and completely forgot about…2 years ago. If the owner hasn’t missed it, it’s probably something charity could use at this point. Of course, offer to return it first.

Anything that you claim you “could sleep in” or “could work out in” but never do

Think, nostalgic tee shirts, oversized/worn out pieces you couldn’t be caught dead in public wearing, but still hold on to. It’s pretty unlikely you’ll ever have NO clothes left and resort to these…especially if you actually have real pajamas and workout clothes.

The 2nd best duplicates

I think this is probably my biggest offense. I often buy something I LOVE at Zara or an equivalent cheaper brand for instant gratification and then subsequently purchase an almost identical, but slightly nicer version at a higher quality brand a few days/weeks/months later and essentially never wear the old one again. But yet I always keep them purely out of guilt. For example…these leather pants I’m wearing above are the nicer Free People version of my H&M pair and honestly, they look identical which means the H&M ones are just gathering dust at this point.

Hope that was helpful.

Now, if only I can take my own advice…


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  1. Shloka says: Reply

    This is such a great post!! So true by the way. I always hold on to things that I could “chill” in but I never do!!


    1. stylechine says: Reply

      Thank you!! Right?? I just really need to actually do all these things closet is LITERALLY overflowing and I’m sure we’re all the same haha!

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