Finding your personal style

Personal style can shift over time. Many people have an innate sense of style but ultimately it’s something that you learn over time as you try new looks, styles, trends, and like anything else, spend more time learning about it. I often hear friends say “I don’t have style” or “I don’t know what to wear like you do” but I also know that those same people have never opened a fashion magazine and probably don’t follow a single influencer on Instagram.

Over the years I’ve definitely tried on my fair share of styles & trends, from bohemian to Brooklyn. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that good style comes with understanding what works for you, and no one else. Your body shape determines what shapes and silhouettes work for you, and finding that style will help you a) get dressed faster in the morning and b) spend a lot less useless money shopping for things you’ll never wear and c) allow you to always feel confident & beautiful in what you wear. Once you’ve nailed the basics, there’s room for adding a bit of personality by jazzing things up a bit.

For me, I’ve found that my waist (or rather stomach) is the area I feel most conscious about. As such, my favorite looks involve loose chunky knits with super stretchy skinny jeans or hourglass shapes (wider shoulders and wider flares at the feet). So rather than forcing that “mom jeans” look with a tight crop, I’ve accepted the fact that it just doesn’t work for me. On the other hand, these pyjama sets (see above) really DO work. They’re loose fitting in all the right places making them perfect for all day wear but chic enough to roll straight into date night. And to add a little edge, I paired it with my new favorite mini trunk bag by Aspinal of London in navy croc (which, by the way is currently 50% off!). Nothing like a unique accessory to get people staring.


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