about me

Welcome to my world! Stylechine began as a lifestyle diary inspired by my love for the world of fashion, jetsetting, and all things pretty; an outlet I used to explore my creative side while working the in the glamorous life of finance (hah, just kidding I barely had a life). Despite repeated attempts to pursue a more “normal” career path, even going so far as to attend a very expensive MBA program at London Business School, I continue to find myself drawn to the satisfaction that comes with creating something of your own, something you believe in. As you can see, my style is heavily inspired by the big city, fast-paced lifestyle I’ve always been a part of, having lived in Beijing, New York and now London. I love anything leather, and tend to mix higher end accessories with higher street fashion to create an edgy, but still feminine look. I appreciate each and every one of you that come through my blog and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions as I continue to grow with you all. I hope you like it!


Instagram: @stylechine
Snapchat: feliciaevalina