• budapest
  • Buda-Pest

    This past weekend I took my first ever trip to Buda-Pest! I keep writing it like that because I was so fascinated to find the city name actually describes the two sides of the city separated by the River Danube (Buda and Pest), originally two separate cities combined in 1873. Ok, enough history. You guys […]

  • europe
  • Milano

    I’ve been to Italy countless times but for some reason or another never stopped by the fashion capital. Honestly I think Milan often gets overlooked when the country is home to wonders like Rome, Venice & the Amalfi Coast. But much like my hometown, this is one of those cities that are well worth the […]

  • europe
  • Barcelona for the weekend

    One of the main benefits (and reasons) I moved to London was for the amazing convenience of spending weekends around Europe for a low cost and high enjoyment factor. The first few times I see a city, like most, I like to drop by the main “to do” tourist attractions. But after that, I’m always […]

  • europe
  • 3 days in Ibiza

    If you follow me on Instagram (@stylechine) or Snapchat (feliciaevlina), you’ll know I was in Ibiza this past weekend! Believe it or not, this was actually my first time visiting despite talking about it for yearsss. I had such an incredible time, but there were definitely some key lessons learned that I’ll be keeping in […]

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  • London Town

    After just a quick five days in London I’m pretty sure I’ve decided to move there. I absolutely loved that the city felt large enough to explore but small enough to feel understood. It’s rare that I visit a city I don’t know well and actually¬†choose¬†to take public transportation (the tube) over the ease of […]