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  • Barcelona for the weekend

    One of the main benefits (and reasons) I moved to London was for the amazing convenience of spending weekends around Europe for a low cost and high enjoyment factor. The first few times I see a city, like most, I like to drop by the main “to do” tourist attractions. But after that, I’m always […]

  • europe
  • 3 days in Ibiza

    If you follow me on Instagram (@stylechine) or Snapchat (feliciaevlina), you’ll know I was in Ibiza this past weekend! Believe it or not, this was actually my first time visiting despite talking about it for yearsss. I had such an incredible time, but there were definitely some key lessons learned that I’ll be keeping in […]

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  • Tokyo Drift

      Thinking of traveling to Asia? Want to hit up Tokyo? Have no idea what to do? Here goes my ultimate 3 day guide to Tokyo! (Ok, ultimate may be a bit of a stretch, but I must say my friend and I felt like we really got a good grasp of the city particularly […]