• lifestyle
  • Best Kept Secret

    I’m a huge fan of dainty jewelry but after high school, I felt like it was time to graduate out of the cheap stuff that turns your fingers green. The other problem is, I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to removing jewelry so I tend to keep everything I wear on through showers, gym, and […]

  • budapest
  • Buda-Pest

    This past weekend I took my first ever trip to Buda-Pest! I keep writing it like that because I was so fascinated to find the city name actually describes the two sides of the city separated by the River Danube (Buda and Pest), originally two separate cities combined in 1873. Ok, enough history. You guys […]

  • style
  • Getting personal

    I think it’s high time I write about something you’ve all been asking me about: me. Being quite closed, it’s always been difficult to share my thoughts, which is ironic, given that’s the premise around most blogs. Instead, I’ve always tried to insert my personality through posts about travel, fashion & what not, but I […]